Properties Of Polypropylene Woven Bags

The properties of woven PP bags come from two aspects:

  1. Properties of polypropylene
  2. Properties of woven method

Polypropylene has qualities of rot/flame/chemical resistance, and woven method means strong yet breath. Combining together with other factors, we got 9 facts of woven PP bags.

  • Woven PP Bags are reusable.
  • Woven PP Bags don’t degrade when wet.
  • Woven PP Bags are naturally resistant to tearing.
  • Woven PP Bags can be printed on one side or both sides.
  • Woven PP Bags allow the contents to breath until air dried.
  • Woven PP Bags have better burst strength than plastic bags.
  • Woven PP Bags can be laminated as the vapor and moisture barrier.
  • Woven PP Bags can be partially transparent for outstanding presentation.
  • Woven PP Bags can be side gusseted to accommodate bulky items easily.